Animation has been moving towards more digital media, and with that move comes many resources for animators that can be found online. We’ve gathered ten amazing blogs here, but there are hundreds more you can find to suit your needs; some are even linked within the sites listed here.

1. ASIFA-Hollywood


ASIFA-Hollywood is an organization dedicated to promoting animated works from across the world. The site features news across the industry and info about special screenings across the country.

2. All About Animation

All About Animation

This blog centers itself on Indian animators and their works, but the site as a whole is still a valuable resource for those who cannot easily access other sources to educate themselves about the industry.

3. Drawn


Though the blog is no longer updated, Drawn has a large collection of works for anyone looking to find inspiration for their next art project.

4. TAG Blog

TAG Blog

Updated daily, this site features interviews and insight from leaders of The Animation Guild. See their perspective on events and happenings within the industry.

5. Animation World Network

Animation World Network
As the largest animation-related online publishing group, AWN has everything to categorized news posts, to career assistance, and even a global event calendar.

6. Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew

Another news site, Cartoon Brew also features many trailers and shorts from all over the animation world.

7. Animated Views

Animated Views

Animated Views has news, reviews, and interviews with professionals connected to animated films. The site also has occasional contests for people to win DVDs or other prizes.

8. The 11 Second Club

The 11 Second Club

Looking for ways to practice your animation skills? Monthly contests challenge members to create a short video based on a random line of dialogue for a chance to win professional critique on their work, or free 3-month subscriptions to (an animation training site). The contest is open to all mediums, including 2D, 3D, and stop-motion.

9. Animation Physics

Animation Physics

A free educational resource for animators. Learn how to animate characters and objects realistically using their tutorials! Suggestions for other websites and books on the subject are featured in their “Goodies” section.
10. Animation Tips & Tricks
Animation Tips & Tricks
The site has become centered around their newer blog, though lessons and other tips are available in their archive. Animation Mentor also has links to podcasts, webinars, and informative videos by expert animators.


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