10 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts When Searched – Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Reports

Many bloggers write blog posts with the intent of people reading. However, no matter how good your content is, if you don’t have proper methods of increasing your search engine optimization (SEO), people will be unable to discover your posts. Although it is extra work, these 10 strategies will help you increase traffic to your blog.



1. Focus on Keywords to Optimize Search

There are keywords (phrases and terms) that people type into search engines that lead to another website. If you want to drive traffic to your website, you should look into keywords that could drive traffic to your blog and use those keywords in the body of your post. That way, you can optimize the search and have more viewers for your blog and your blog posts.


2. Include Keywords in the Title

You need to have a title that will catch readers’ attention, but the keywords should be included into the title as well. The title content should reflect your blog post content and it should incorporate the keywords. Many blogs use different settings, but WordPress has different header setting that are helpful and you should use your keywords in the different headings as well.


3. Optimize on Post Permalink

Post Permalinks should be concise and contain the main keywords that you want to be searched. It is ideal to have your post title in the URL. When you edit your permalinks, make sure they are short and use the keywords. You should use lowercase and use dashes for spacing between the keywords and not regular spaces.


4. Use Images for SEO

Search engines are unable to read images but they can read text, so when you index images, you should add the keywords to the image to tell search engines what the image content is about. There are 4 steps to take to optimize on images for search.

  1. Use the keyword in the image filename that describes the image as well.
  2. Use the title and tag each image with Alt Tag. This is a method used for people who are visually impaired but it appears as a tool tip when the mouse is over an image.
  3. Use captions, when appropriate, to describe your image.
  4. Size your images appropriately. Large pictures will slow down your page and impact your blog’s SEO negatively.

5. Link Within Your Blog

Linking between blog posts is a great way to keep your viewers on your site and blog. This is also a good way to keep your old posts active on your blog. By using keywords in the link, you are telling Google extra information about what your blog posts are about. You should update older posts with related keywords to your new content.


6.  Use the SEO Meta Title

By using the SEO meta title tags, you can control the title that shows in the search results as well as in the tab of the browser. Make sure the title is different for the pages and posts on your blog and the keywords should clearly describe the content of the post.


7. Use Meta Description

The description tag should show the information you want to display when you get the web results just like the SEO meta titles. Searching is all about the user experience, so you want them to be able to find what they are searching for within your blog.


8. Use Categories and Tags

Organizing your posts into categories with tags can help your blog better with searches. By using categories and tags, you can help viewers sort through your blog posts and find exactly what they are looking for. Your posts should be organized into one category and the categories should be broad as well. Tags are more specific and helps narrow down searches.


9. Build Loyalty in Readership with Subscribers

You can build loyalty with readership if you have a simple and easy way for people to subscribe to your blog. You need to have a way for people to come back to your site, so having a way they can get constant updates and reminders will be useful for them to come back.


10. Optimize on Social Media

When posts and content gets posted on social media, the search rankings go up. You should encourage readers to follow you on various social media platforms to make it easy for the readers to share your content. You should promote your posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many other outlets.


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