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12 SEO Marketing Tips for 2020

By April 23, 2013August 19th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
Search Engine Optimization - Web search engine

12 SEO Marketing Tips 2020 – Boost SEO – Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Reports

Here are 12 tips to get your started on maximizing your videos in searches.


1. Check for Content Quality

You have to make sure that you videos are relevant, rich with content, and informative. You can’t waste time to produce videos that will not benefit your brand. Videos that have step-by-step demonstrations or videos that express opinions on topics are quite useful. They should be fun, short, memorable, and leave the viewer to want to know more. If you are going to use a video production company, make sure that they understand these concepts and check for a portfolio for their work.


2. Titles

When you want to gain the attention of your viewers, you need to have a catchy title that is related to key words and phrases that are related to your brand. Make sure to do some key word research to help you find the words that your audience is looking for, but remember to make the title interesting and not filled with the keywords only.


3. Use Tags

You can optimize your videos by having tags of important keywords or phrases. You should not use complicated words or terms that are uncommon to the average person. You should refer back to the keyword research and think of terms that your audience might be looking for when they find your brand. You should also name the video file with the key terms.


4. Add Descriptions

Within the description of your video, make sure to add the keywords that are relevant to your brand. If you have keyword filled descriptions, your video can be rank higher in search engine indexes and it is easier for your viewers to understand the video before they actually watch it.


5. Utilize Links

When you use links in your video, it allows your viewers to access other parts of your website. You can upload some videos on YouTube or Vimeo and place links that relate to the content in your videos and your website.


6. Provide Transcripts

With search engines, HTML is still considered a favorite, so you should provide transcripts of your videos. By having something to index and rank, your videos can rank well in the search engines. You should surround your video with copy that can be easily indexed by the search engines.


7. Be Mindful of the Length

You should keep your videos short and simple. It is ideal to make your videos five minutes of less. The average time a user spends on a typical YouTube video is about one minute and thirty seconds. People do not want to be bored with a video, and not many people will actually finish watching it. If you have a long video, you should consider breaking it into smaller portions and making tags accordingly. Multiple videos could also improve optimization efforts.


8. Use Video Sitemaps

When you submit video sitemaps to Google, you should check to see that search engine spiders can find your video’s content and index it accordingly. This is the most efficient way for search engines to find your video’s content. You should take advantage of Google Webmaster to create a video sitemap. You should use important keywords in the text that links the videos to feature on the sitemap.


9. Branding

A video is a good way to create brand awareness, so you should take advantage of this and incorporate your brand and logos into all of your videos.



10. Create Embedding Opportunities

You can help your video become viral by allowing others to access the codes that allow them to embed your video onto other websites or blogs. This can help gain lots of back links and the shares with boost your rankings within the search engines.


11. Syndication

You should submit your video in the RSS feeds and it will syndicate your videos to create more exposure in various online platforms. It will help optimize your videos even more.


12. Share Your Videos!

You should get your videos on your social networks. You should start the hype by going through your email contacts and writing in your blogs so that you can share the videos. By sharing your videos, you can create an expanding audience and develop more exposure for your brand.
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