2013 Prediction: It’s All About Mobile – Austin Visuals Reports

There is one big theme for 2013 within businesses and it is the fact that everything is going mobile. The shift in mobile is ranging from different topics such as shopping all the way to media searches. The transition into mobile has grown exponentially and there has been a smartphone penetration of 50%. Google and Facebook are the most popular websites on mobile devices.

Searches have been dominant in the past. However, in recent times, searches have become more vertical and websites are seeing greater number of searches on their own pages and there has been a decline in searches on broad search engines such as Google. Social searches (which combine Google and Facebook) are gaining interest and numbers because of the integrated uses of both. Social networking is on the rise on mobile devices such as Pintrest, Tumblr, and Instagram (especially these image generating websites).


Not only is the online social media growing, but the ability to watch videos is also increasing.  YouTube is still driving the most traffic. There are also increases in video ads that have been popping up for this year and it continues to grow. Mobile device users are constantly on the go and using their smartphone for all aspects of life and moving away from the desktop experiences. Therefore, 2013 will be opening doors to many mobile opportunities

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