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This “Giraffes” 3D Animation Had People Arguing That it Had to Be Real

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At Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studios, we’re very proud of the animation we make to sell products and ideas for our customers on time, on target, and on budget. Sometimes our clients have very small budgets, others are larger — but whatever the size in dollars we strive to make sure that each dollar invested makes the client three or four dollars — or more — in return.
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Social Contagion: The Epidemic Every Marketer Wants To Catch

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Ok, (I imagine you asking as I write this), wait a minute, what on earth do you mean by “social contagion? Surely it must be a bad thing.” Well it is and it isn’t (I respond). Anyone who has ever had a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a baby or a puppy knows that EMOTION can keep you from thinking straight, doing what you know you should do, and can make you feel either fantastic or lost, desperate, and horrible.
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