21 Useful Tools To Help Market Yourself


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One of the best ways to get people paying attention to your business is to present yourself as an authority figure. If you produce content that gives credit to your views and promotes you as a successful figure in your industry, your audience and customers will have more faith in your word and abilities. There are several ways to do this and here are some tools to help you achieve that.

Sometimes coming up with an article or video topic that people will want to view can be difficult. Luckily, there are a couple websites that can spark some ideas or give a good basis to work on.



These two website pages will generate topics that you can write articles about or make videos on. Portent’s title maker will even provide little bits of advice along with the title generated.  Hubspot on the other hand will generate an article title that could become the launching point of your own ideas.

Sometimes you need to spice up your articles with graphics. Here are a couple of tools to help create those graphics.


This website is useful for making infographics. This will help you present information through visuals which is easier to remember and more interesting for most viewers. It’s free and provides several options for what type of infographic you can use.


This is another free to use website. Canva.com is more geared towards creating effective and pleasing designs for blogs, posters, and other marketing mediums. It’s easy to use and provides images and fonts on hand for your selection.

A little thought about way to build your reputation is to give an interview to a reporter. If they feature quotes or data from you that establishes that you are someone that knows what they are talking about. Finding a reporter that could use your help can be difficult though unless you know where to look.


Here is a place where the reporters come to you. When you sign up, you list what industry you are a part of and then you will only get notifications and requests from the reporters looking for your expertise.

Another way to establish your authority is to be a part of the education of future workers in your industry.



These two sites provide video courses over a variety of topics. You can make some money while also proving your expertise at the same time. This will boost your reputation and give your word a lot more weight.

Speaking of videos, here are some useful tools to create and edit those videos.  For the videos that use your webcam or can record what you are doing on your computer.

Camtasia for Windows PC users

Screenflow for Mac users

You can also use these programs for video editing. In particular they are good for making instructional videos where you demonstrate what you are doing. Here are a couple of programs more designed towards pure video editing. They have a large variety of features and are useful for making any sort of video.


Sony Vegas Studio for PC users

Final Cut Pro for Mac users

You can also get others to produce a more specific type of video for you. Doodle videos have grown in popularity. Doodle videos are videos made with hand drawn figures. They are not quite cartoons, but have a similar connotation. Here are a couple of sites that can help you make doodle videos.




A note about fiverr.com, it is a site that connects freelance workers to employers. You can find a large variety of services on fiverr.com from writing to animation and illustration. It comes cheaply at $5, but is also less reliable since you are dealing with individuals instead of a company.

After you make a video, you need to a secure place to host it. Youtube can be useful, but it is limited and not very secure.


Wistia.com will provide a much better video hosting site for a fee. It allows more customization and provides better statistics about your video, such as what parts were watched more often and how successful your video is. It also has tons of other useful features like domain restriction and easy organization.

The best way to market yourself is, of course, through social media.  There are several ways to go about taking advantage of it. Here are a few tools to help you out.


Hootsuite allows you to easily coordinate posts across several social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can even schedule posts far in advance in order to save time.

Participating in the community on a social media site can help your standing in the minds of both peers and potential customers. (17) Facebook and (18) LinkedIn groups can provide a way to connect with others in your industry and build up your reputation.

Forums are also an excellent way to connect to a community rooted in your industry. There are quite a few ways to find forums that match your industry easily.


This site will search a large amount of forums and provide the ones that match. It is a quick way to sort through forums that are relevant to you. Another quick way to find a forum for you is to use (20) Google. If you type in “your industry” + forum it will bring up the forums it found in its search.

The final tool we will be covering can be used to take screenshots. You can use these screenshots to show places you’ve been feature in articles or perhaps show some work in progress. This is a free program that you can use to take and edit your screenshots.


Building up your reputation or authority in your industry isn’t an instant or easy thing. It will take time and quite a bit of work. It will also require you to use several different avenues to establish yourself. These tools provide only some of the ways to make yourself known in your chosen field of expertise.


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