Our 3D Animation Company Releases a National Commercial used in 3D Industrial Design Industries

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio likes to keep the public informed and educated in the latest in 3D Animation, graphics and technology trends. Today an entirely 3D Animated Commercial we created for an industrial 3D product company is taking the automotive accessory industry by storm. This commercial just launched recently and we had to share the great news.  We created this entire animation custom from concept-to-completion and we did it in about 3 weeks.  Check out our 3D Product Animated Commercial here.

One of the most pleasurable aspects about working on projects like this for us is that clients of ours usually come to us with great products but have no idea on how to demonstrate the sexiness of their products to the public by way of visuals. That’s usually where we come in and get creative. For this project we started out just given a physical industrial designed product, a sketch on a napkin and then got to work. We started out creating the concept for this product. The product’s name is Catch Monkey, so our team started thinking, let’s do something with that. So we designed the concept of creating a 3D monkey for this commercial. We found inspiration from the movie Planet of the Apes, but we didn’t want to go that realistic. We needed something lovable and something that had character.

Next we came up with the concept that the monkey would be driving along a stretch of road, items would fall and the items would be caught by our client’s product.  We added sound, fx, camera moves, and our client raved about how happy they are with their animation. It’s very rewarding to create good looking animation quickly for a custom product like this. Our animation is already getting, Catch Monkey selling a lots of product! So if you’re in the market for creating animation like this for your product, service, or website, call us (512) 591-8024 or send us an email to info@austinvisuals.com We’d love to help bring your message to life with custom animation.