In August, NASA’s rover Curiosity landed safely onto Mars. The $1 billion rover traveled 352,000,000 miles to get to the planet and start NASA’s most expensive mission yet. Curiosity will spend the next two years searching to find any evidence that Mars was capable of supporting life. Prior to the rover’s departure, NASA used an animation video to introduce Curiosity to the public. Having more than 2 million views on YouTube, the animation video portrayed visualizations of Curiosity so that it’s audience could comprehend the complexity of the project and understand the details that the mission entailed.

NASA uses many 3D resources to increase audience awareness of projects, and even encourages people to become involved with the mechanics of aerospace engineering. An interactive Station Spacewalk game uses video animations to simulate a space station in which you become the astronaut and help NASA perform several objectives to complete the mission safely. For a link to NASA’s game: Click here

At Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, we strive to deliver a particular message to a target audience using animated graphics. Austin Visuals has created engineering animation and 3d visualizations for large companies such as Pinnacle Potash International, X Tech Fab Ready Solutions, and NASA’s Develop Program. We acknowledge the importance of being able to visualize concepts that may be difficult for clients to understand, and are here to bridge that gap between clients and consumers.