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3D Films: Glasses Free

By September 1, 2012August 1st, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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The Power of Love premiered in 1922 and is considered to be the first 3D feature film. After many decades, 3D films have changed almost completely. We’ve seen progress especially in 3D animation through the years. From Chicken Little (2005) to Avatar (2009) the graphics and details have increasingly gotten better. But this year there may be a new finding that is even more impressive. Researchers in South Korea have recently explored the possibility of glasses-free 3D films through the use of a filter and a series of slides on a screen. When viewing 3D films in the present, there are two projectors in the back of the theater. Each projector displays an image for your left and right eyes respectively. The role that the glasses play is bringing the two images together. Although the trick may just be simple optical technology, researchers are still looking into this possibility before theaters will be able to carry out such an option. Even though a glasses-free 3D film sounds like less of a hassle, will the audience miss the big and fun glasses we have traditionally sported during a movie?

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