3D Jaw – Marvels of 3D  Technology in the Medical World 

So you thought 3D technology was all just fun and games. Well, guess again! Yes, it’s true 3D has its biggest application in the entertainment industry, but in recent times 3D has been used to achieve some really marvelous things. In some cases it would almost seem like something out of a sci-fi movie! Read on.

A woman, 83, was suffering from an acute jaw infection. Reconstruction surgery was ruled out because of the high risks involved because of her age . It was decided that a titanium jawbone implant was the way to go. Enter 3D.  An artificial jaw implant was digitally designed using 3D technology. The design was then split up into 2D cross-sections and send to what is known as a 3D printer.


The 3D printing process 

The 3D printer used the cross-sectional information to build an artificial jaw implant made out of titanium. You can think of this machine as a printer which used titanium powder as ‘ink’. It essentially melts and fuses consecutive thin layers of titanium powder by using a laser beam in order to build the necessary object. . This marvel machine built thousands of such layers to build the jawbone – it takes around 33 layers to make just 1mm height of the titanium implant!


The titanium jawbone was given a bio-ceramic coating after which  it was surgically implanted. It took only a fifth of the time of what reconstruction surgery would have taken and within four days the woman was able to go home!


The Future 

With such mind-blowing processes becoming a reality, the future looks bright for 3D printed techniques. There are several obvious advantages like decrease in surgery time and hospitalization. Also, since 3D technology is used to make these custom implants, they fit perfectly. According to Mr. Wauthle, an engineer with LayerWise, the company which made the 3D print possible,  the ultimate aim is to create  printed body organs for transplant, even though it might take many more years. However, with the pace of 3D printing innovation on a high, we are sure to see many more amazing developments in the near future!


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