Austin Visuals recently created a series of 3d product renderings for Power Service. Power service produces a line of Diesel Fuel additives and Antifreeze products. Power Service used our renderings to sell more of their products online as well as used our imagery for tradeshow banners for their tradeshow booth.


After contacting us we quickly got to work creating a 3D model of the product they requested, in this case a fuel can. When that was done we created several texture maps to demonstrate the full adaptability of the model. A texture map is the file that determines the color of a 3D modeled object. We also placed a bump map on it, which gives it that slightly rough plastic texture found in many different plastic products.


Then we set up the lighting in order to make a perfect picture of what the client wanted. Getting the reflections perfect went a long way with making it more realistic. We set up several renders and delivered the finished files to our customer. We’re proud of our work here and definitely are excited to find more projects like this to tackle.

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