In the past couple of years, 3D televisions and accompanying technology have enjoyed a huge buzz. The industry has seen sales double on TVs, and it is projected that this growth will continue next year as well.

The way we view television has been revolutionized with the advent of 3D, and it is even easier to enjoy this technology in our own homes. Within the past decade, we have seen 3d televisions go from being a “someday” to being an “everyday.” Three dimensional televisions are now sold at reasonable prices and are highly accessible.

Although this technology is becoming common in the household, the amount of actual 3D content is still lacking. There are only just a few movies that are available in 3D, and fewer still channels and/or programs in 3D. It would seem that many television and film companies, as well as marketing agencies are missing a very significant boat. With the enthusiasm and interest that consumers are showing in the arena of 3D technology, it would be wise to begin tailoring your marketing content to reach this growing customer base.