5 Simple Tips for Increasing your Social Media Efficiency and Skill – Austin Visuals Reports

In terms of “Social Media Productivity” this can be an elusive concept for many people in their businesses. Often businesses will spend hours or days on social media just going through the motions without having a process in place to measure their results or their effectiveness.


Let’s face it… we all want to spend less time doing things work related and more time on the beach or relaxing. If you can increase the efficiency on what you already are doing, you’re making a step in the right direction! Here are a few tips from Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio to help you become more effective with your social media:


1. Have a Timer and Set it

Whether you finding a timer online, use your smartphone or grab a classic egg timer and put it on your desk, this can be helpful and necessary!

Every marketing activity needs to have a limit on time. There are too many websites you could possibly post on and you have too many options about what you could be doing with your time; therefore, it’s best for you to focus on using your time to achieve your social media goals according to your plan. Make the most of the time you have. It’s amazing how even a simple act of setting a timer will allow you to focus your attention only on activities that matter most and get the best results. Give it a try at least once.

2. Make a Plan

You’ll need to decide exactly what you want to achieve on a day-to-day basis. Set a weekly goal and then set daily goals on how to get there. Then make sure to stick to your own plan. Making a plan only takes 15 minutes for the week. Many of our customers ask us where we post the most, and how do we make the most efficient use of our social media time online. It’s different for every person and company; however, we personally use the following in our social media activities and stick to posting in places we know will return great results : facebook.com , linkedin.com , yelp.com , google plus , twitter.com , meetup.com , just to name a few.

3. Less is More

Here’s a secret. You don’t need to be on every social network. There are 1000’s of them. You just need to be on the networks and places where your customers will see your posts.


4. Measure Everything

Sometimes having a plan is not enough, you need to track the results of your tasks in order to make certain you are producing results in a positive direction. For instance, if you have a company that is using social media to drive sales and you know that for every 20 customers you engage you get 1 person asking more about your product or service. If it takes 10 people asking about your service to result in a sale, then you know that you will need to engage 100 people total as fast as possible to generate 1 sale on average. If this example applies to you and you don’t know these number, you will need to start figuring these numbers out in order to measure your progress. Otherwise you may be spending countless hours advertising and not knowing how effective your efforts are. We sometimes see customers posting in the wrong places for their target market, but they continue to post in the wrong places because they are not measuring their results. Have the numbers drive your efforts.

5. Measure Results Often

The more often you take a measurement the more accurate your data will be. The quicker you can make a choice about how effective you’ve been with your time. If you take a measurement once a month, that is only 12 times out of an entire year you can change direction if something isn’t working. This means you can possibly spend a least 1 month going in a direction that is not beneficial to where you want to go. Most times you need at least 3 sample points. This means if you were measuring your results once a month, it will take you at least 3 months to realize your activities need an adjustment; for most of us on social media, this is an unacceptable time frame, so take measurements weekly or daily. Place your numbers on a spreadsheet. Over time, you will be able to see how effective you’ve become and you will also see indicators on which activities on certain social networks yield better results.

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