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Subject Lines to Emails

By October 2, 2017July 15th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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6 Subject Lines to Emails Opened and Read

1. Go Personal


A great way to magnetize your audience is to share yourself deeply.  Having subject lines to emails that suggest the content will reveal a bit about you and your story is a surefire way to get your audience that resonates with you hungry for more.

This holds especially true in the transformational space where your story is a big part of how you inspire your clients to step into their greatness.

“My magical wedding pictures inside” was one of the most opened emails in the history of my company.  It had nothing to do with my company, but it did share a bit of my own personal story. And it allowed me to form a deeper connection with my audience.

Other great subject lines to emails have included: A message from my higher self to yours Want to learn how I overcame my fear of rejection?

Remember to make it personal and relevant to your readers.

2.  “Fill in the Blank” Formulas You Can Use


These examples below are some time tested formulas that work.  Take a fill in the blank strategy from some of the best subject lines to emails ever written, and tailor it to your audience. IMPORTANT: Make sure these fill in the blank strategies are relevant and match what will be inside of the email. Failing to deliver on the promise of the subject line is an instant credibility killer. A. How to _____________ How to coach like Tony Robbins How to attract clients with your website Why it works: It’s direct.  And if your tribe is struggling with a particular problem, this headline promises to offer the solution. B. Who else wants _______ Who else wants to lose 10 pounds. Who else wants an extra 1,000 in the bank every month?

Fill the blank with something you know your clients really want.

Why it works:  It is benefit rich, and you’re offering a solution to a pain point your client is having. It also suggests knowledge that only someone on the inside would know about.

  1. The Secret of _________ The secret to healing emotional trauma from past lives The secret to how I lost 10 pounds in 30 days

Fill the blank with something you know your clients really want.

Why it works:  It creates curiosity about the method or the approach you use to help clients get to their results.

  1. Here’s a method that’s helping _______________ to ______________ Here’s a method that’s helping coaches get paid higher rates Here’s a method that’s helping business owners get paid their worth

Why it works:  It’s offering a solution to your target audience’s problems.  And, it’s social proof, so its showing others have also done this in the past and its worked.  (Social proof is a powerful method for inspiring action).

  1. Now you can have/do ___________ like ______________ Now You Can Speak Spanish like a Diplomat Play the Piano Like Beethoven

Why it works:  It speaks to the part of the reader that wants to be the very best at what s/he does.

  1. Have a _____  or build a ______________ you can be proud of Build an online business you can be proud of Create a body you can be proud of

Why it works: Because it appeals to the part of the reader that wants to be proud of what s/he is creating.

  1. What everybody ought to know about _______________ What everybody ought to know about building a business What everybody ought to know about choosing an acupuncturist

Why it works:  It taps into the part of our brain that is curious, and wants to make sure we have the answer.  And it is a headline that speaks to the value inside of the email itself.

These are time tested formulas that attract your reader’s attention.  Like any formula, it’s important to know your audience and tailor the messages to make sense for you.

3.  Use the One Word Everyone Responds To


“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”  ~Dale Carnegie

I once heard of an experiment (though I have yet to try it!) where famous copywriter Dean Jackson took a piece of paper and pen, and handed it to multiple people and said, “here, write something and try out my new pen.”

The first thing they wrote?  You may have guessed – their own name.

Use this information to your advantage when writing a headline, and consider customizing your headline to include someone’s first name.

It might look something like this: Hi Lisa, I have 5 tips you’re going to love today Lisa, do you know how to attract your soulmate?

Most email service providers have an option where you can automate this option, and it will automatically merge into your email headline.

Like any strategy or tactic, don’t over do it or it will stop working.  You can use it once in awhile to create interest.

4.  Sweeten the Pot


Ever heard of the phrase, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar”?

You can apply that principle by using words that are time tested to be sweet on the eyes and ears.

Here are some words and phrases proven to increase responses:


  • Do you think ____
  • What do you think _____
  • Would you like ____

Do you think you’re special? You’re not (see why that’s good news!) What do you think Oprah would do about this situation? Would you like a chance to win my Time Mastery Program?

Words that command

  • Subscribe
  • Do This
  • Open this

Subscribe today if you’re struggling with getting more clients Do this today if you want to have amazing intimacy in your relationship Open this if you’re feeling hungry


  • Ends Today
  • Last Chance
  • Today only

Ends Today: Your chance to attend the Rock Your Socks Off Business Conference Last chance to get your ticket to the Blog World Summit Today Only: Invite a friend to the Transform Your Health Summit (for no extra cost)

Other popular headline words:

  • Discover / Uncover
  • Must have / Must know
  • Tip / top tip / tips and tricks
  • Best
  • Solution / Secret
  • Tell me
  • Increase
  • Create

Discover the #1 way you can get all the clients you want A must have resource to attract all the dates you want The best way I know to attract 10,000 Facebook fans Tell me what you think increase your charisma and confidence with these 5 tips Create the business you always dreamed of

5.  Use This Powerful Formula To Get Them Interested Every Time.


This is one of the most elegant formulas I’ve found when it comes to thinking about headlines. Prepare to be wow-ed!  

Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

Example: Take the subject “getting clients.” You could write an article entitled, “How to Get More Clients” or “My Top Tips for Getting Clients.”

Or you could apply this formula and make it: “5 Unbelievably Simple Ways You Can Get More Clients Today”

6.  Show them what you’re saying

When words aren’t enough, when you need to demonstrate or explain something complex with clarity, nothing works better than the memorable, entertaining, persuasive, or highly technical VR, 3D, or 2D animation.


With everyone’s inbox overflowing with email, you have only a few seconds to grab someone’s attention and sense of curiosity.

If you want to change only one thing about your writing, focus on creating great subject lines.

It would be the highest impact thing you could do to get a lot more people reading your valuable content.


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