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Need for Computer Animations

Blender - 3D computer graphics


Although computer animation does share some characteristics with other visual mediums such as video, when it comes to marketing and advertising it is in a class by itself. It has attributes that no other marketing medium can equal. Here are seven great reasons why your company ought to take advantage of all this dynamic medium has to offer:

  1. Animation allows you to emphasize style and glamour

If you think of two industries that make extensive use of computer animation in their marketing, perhaps you wouldn’t think of either cosmetics or automotive. They use animation to create either an air of glamour and chic, in the case of the cosmetic makers, or of mystery and excitement, as with the auto makers. Considering the TV advertising of automobile makers, the public may not know just how many of those sleek cars they look at are actually 3D computer models. When smooth video editing and photography are added to the mix, animation upgrades the appearance of any product. Considering that in these industries much of the appeal of a product is in its appearance, animation is a great boost to the broadcast marketing of the above industries – and many others.

  1. Animation provides an expedient visual summary

3D animation allows information to be transmitted quickly. Even the most complex product idea can be communicated efficiently with a well-crafted animation. Think of it as a “sound bite,” only for the eyes. It’s ideal for using the shortest TV air time to communicate the most information. When presenting to upper level executives, 3D animation is gaining major ground. Generalists and “big-picture” people like CEOs rarely have patience for a slow growing or data and detail. They want people to get their point across quickly, and that’s one thing that animation is very good at.



  1. Animations positions a company as being technologically sophisticated

Take an mundane and ordinary product, apply some slick 3D animation to it, and suddenly you’ve got a product with a winning high-tech look and feel to it. In recent ads, razors have acquired qualities like ultra-sleek and fast – which are usually reserved for jet planes. Sure, it’s a whole package. You have to have the Hollywood type special effects as well as the supporting graphic design elements. The lighting and camera work contribute as well, and the pace of movement. No other medium can uplift a product’s perceived qualities like animation can.


  1. Animation is a time-based, dynamic medium

Similar to both video and audio, the information that animation provides is spread over a time line. It uses motion to tell a story or make an impact in some way. In this it is a very dynamic medium. And this advances it in front of print when used to demonstrate any system or product that either evolves over time or moves in some way. Take the parts of a car engine. In that system there is a complex interplay of parts that move, shift and rotate. Animation reveals these mysteries in a more expedient way than print, which is static.


  1. Animation grabs your attention

Movie credits. A startling or unusual sequence. Expertly created digital special effects. These are all animation techniques that are very effective in grabbing attention. That’s the primary need when communicating with your audience — you need their attention first. Once you have that, and only if you have that, then you can generate interest, desire and action.

  1. Animation shows us what cannot be photographed

If there is one thing that animation is truly good at, it’s this: There aren’t any limits to what can be shown with computer animation. Hollywood, for one, is proof-positive of this. We can fly into the depths of a solid steel car engine and see the pistons and valves do their work; we can zoom out to the stars and down into an atomic nucleus in four seconds – anything you can imagine, an animator can create – given the money, time and skill, of course. You can exhibit your product in ways that are beyond what any normal photography can show.


  1. Animation can show us what has yet to be built

Huge architectural and engineering projects are sold far in advance of construction starting. Radiosity and ray-tracing are just two of many computer animation techniques that can contribute a sense of photographic realism to “walkthrough” type animations. In these, the audience is made to think as if it was a film of the finished product. And with the advent of huge flat panel displays and HD-TV technology, 3D animation can make the viewer think they are actually inside the space. There are many compelling reasons to use computer animation in your marketing. We’ve looked at just seven of them. There’s no other medium quite like it!


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