8 Ways to Make Your Website More Effective

To maximize your presence among potential customers online, you need to make sure your website maximizes your Internet presence. As your online presence builds, you will be able to gain more prospective people to your website. You need to design your website to give prospects all the information they need to have them continuously coming back.


A few things you should ask yourself about your website:

1. Where do you focus first?
To catch the attention of a person who visits your website, you only have a few seconds to entice them enough to stay and continue to look. Make sure that everything they see is  something important and relevant to them.
2. Can they identify what your website is saying?
If you use a variety of marketing methods (Facebook pages, Ads, Google Places, emails, and updated content) to reel in people to your website, you need to make sure it is clear as to what you want them to do on the website. Remember, you only have a couple of seconds to distinguish yourself from the competition, so be clear and enticing.
3. Is your important information highlighted at the top?
You should put the important information on the top half of your website because you don’t want your viewers to have to scroll down to get the information they want. Make sure you use your space efficiently and wisely. Would it be worth it to waste space with a large picture?
4. Are the benefits spelled out?
Visitors to your website want to know what’s in it for them, so you need to be explicit in the benefits of your products and services on your website.
5. Do you have a “Call to Action”?
If your website has been successful in enticing the website visitor, then you need an outlet for them to take the next steps. You need to make sure it is clear as to what you want from them. Should they sign up for the newsletter or ask for a quote?
6. Is the appearance distracting?
Too many colors, animation, and crazy fonts can be distracting instead of catch your viewers’ attention. If your viewers get too distracted the likelihood of them leaving your website is high. Be careful of the audio and video content of your website that would automatically because it is one of the biggest reason why people leave a website.
7. Do viewers feel a personal connection?
People like to buy from people they can relate to and understand. You need to connect with your prospective clients by being straightforward and use a conversational style. You can also show some personality to help make the information less dry.
8. Do you have links to other platforms?
When people make decisions to go with a company, they do more research to make sure that the company is what they are looking for. By providing links to other social platforms where your company is active, it will give the customer an idea of what kind of company you are. Also, customer testimonials are very helpful for your company.


Have you tried these? What do you think? We’d like to hear your opinion.

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