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Animation in Motion

By May 1, 2012 May 14th, 2020 Blog
Computer Animation - 3D computer graphics

Animation, in its earliest forms, was made for the entertainment of the youth. Cartoons, for a very long time, were considered programs for children. However, as the industry has grown and progressed, animation has begun to reach and wide range of audiences and demographics.

The animation industry has seen many changes. It has gone from hand-drawn, frame-by- frame animation, to digital and the expansive possibilities that come along with that.

In the quest for realism in the digital realm, realistic motion is a challenge for any artist to capture and duplicate. One of the leading methods of this is Motion Capture, or MoCap. This technology is revolutionary for adding realism to digital animation.

Motion Capture is often done by having an actor wear a number of sensors at key points on their body. Then they make the physical movement called for. This is recorded by a computer and used to animate the digital character.
MoCap has many applications aside from the film and entertainment industry. This cutting edge technology is also useful in the realms of robotics, military training, sports, and the medical field, to name a few.

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