We have talked about using videos and animation in order to more effectively market your business before in our article ( How Animation Will Make You More Money )  and ( How Animation Can Increase Your Business Sales ). What we haven’t covered is how to make those videos. The type of video that we will be discussing will be a video ad that either attracts new customers or converts customers to your business. These videos are excellent marketing tools and taking the time to make one can greatly improve sales. Sites like have reported an increase in customers by about 33% after making one of these videos.

The most important part of this video will be the first 5 seconds. Those first moments will determine if your viewer is interested enough to stick around throughout the whole video. You have to hook the viewer in or they will skip the ad. With how fast paced the world is today if you don’t grab the audience’s attention, you will lose them entirely.

One thing to keep in mind is that the viewer will be more likely to view a short ad then a long one. As previously stated, time is precious to your viewer and if they feel that the add is too long to be worth the time spent watching then they will skip it. Studies have shown that ads with a length around 15 to 30 seconds will be watched to completion around 72% of the time. Keep your video ad short enough while still having enough content to get your point across.


While you should keep your ad short, make sure you have a good quality to cost ratio. Decide on the sort of quality you want in your ad and then plan a way to achieve it with the lowest cost possible. In this case it is almost always better to organize the project with the end product in mind rather than the budget. This video ad is likely to stick with your viewer as 80% of viewers report remembering watching a video ad in the previous month. It is best to make a good impression with the level of quality control you show in your video.

When you are in the filming stage, first get a take of the actors following a script. This allows you to have at the minimum all the footage you will need for your ad. Then try running through the script with a more improvised dialogue if you are using customer reviews or employee interviews. This will give you some footage of them being more genuine and passionate about their answers. These unscripted moments can be edited together with the scripted ones to make your ad that much better.

These are just some of the things you should keep in mind when creating a video ad. Good marketing strategies have become so much more important with the increase in technology. Taking every advantage of the new marketing opportunities is something every business should seek to do.  Austin Visuals would be glad to help coach and create your own videos.

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