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Apple’s iOS 7 is Coming Soon, and Lots of Things Are Changing

By July 5, 2013 May 19th, 2017 Blog

iOS 7, Apple’s new operating system for iPhones and iPads was just announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The free download will be available later this year. Here’s a sneak peek :

This is a new direction for the venerable OS. It’s a huge redesign, a massive overhaul. The new system takes on a “flat” design using a bright color scheme. Design elements on the phone will no longer copy real-world objects.  This also means that the standard apps that come with the phone (Mail, Messages, Calendar and Phone) have been redesigned as well, also with a cleaner look.

Here’s some of the more important things in the update:

– Multitasking: iOS 7 is now smart enough to manage apps that make use of full multitasking, all without draining battery. This means that it’s easy to pick up where you left off in any app you’ve switched out of. You can also use a swipe gesture to close out apps.

– Safari: Alone with a cleaner look, the Web browser now has 3D tabbed browsing, which makes it easier to switch between windows.

– Siri: Now incorporating Bing search results, Siri can also control basic functions on your phone like brightness.

– Control Center: Swiping up from the bottom of the screen brings up the Control Center. It controls basic settings like WiFi, Bluetooth and screen brightness. There’s a flashlight as well.

– AirDrop: Uses WiFi to swap files with other iPhone and iPad users.

– Photos: Based on where and when you snapped the your photos, the new app can now build albums for you. You can also share photos quickly via Facebook, Twitter, email or iCloud.

– Camera: Alone with several filters now built in, which are reminiscent of Instagram, the app has a new look that makes switching between modes much easier.

– Car Integration: By syncing with certain cars, you can have full control of your iPhone on the road, and never have to look down at the screen again.

– App Store: You can search for apps based on what’s popular around you. And now apps update automatically.

– iTunes Radio and Music: Sporting a new design, the Music app includes access to iTunes Radio, which is a music streaming service similar to Pandora. iTunes Radio is supported by ads because it’s free.

– Security: This new feature will let you wipe all data from your phone in the event it’s lost or stolen. This can be done remotely. And unless the thief has your Apple password, it also prevents the phone from being reactivated.

– WiFi Calls: You can now use a WiFi connection to make phone calls. Clearer calls that are less likely to drop will be the result.

iOS 7 will work on iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, and some newer models of the iPod Touch.



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