Apps You Don’t Want To Miss Out On.

THX Tune-Up

This week THX tune-up was launched. This app was designed to help you during the setup of your home theater system. This app offers instructions and assistance for setting up your tv’s aspect ratio, brightness, color, tint, and other features. This app will help you test your speakers to ensure they are connected to the correct audio-video output as well as check to ensure that all your speakers are in phase.

Epic Citadel

This app Epic Citadel was created using similar tools that have been used to develop high-end video games. It is available on iOS already and the Android version just launched this week. This app takes you through a captivating world with unbelievable visuals, realistic animation, reflections, refractions, and global illumination. An additional benchmarking mode allows you to measure performance data for your Android display device, including FPS, resolution, and quality settings.


Star Trek Into Darkness

This week this app was launched for iOS and Android. This app is launched just in time to promote the new upcoming Star Trek film Into Darkness. This app will feature scavenger hunt missions that include finding Star Trek content in the real world such as photographing an outdoor billboard. Once a user successfully completes each mission, they can earn new access to additional Star Trek Content.



This app is a math puzzle that allows you to combine different numbers using a plus or minus to get the game’s answers. It appeals to a broad audience and can be challenging for both kids and adults.

Have you tried any of these apps out? What do you think? We’d like to hear your opinion.

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