Austin Visuals is one of the brightest stars in the 3d animation and rendering industry, with a crew of passionate artists whose work is their passion. Among these dedicated artists is Joey Marciel. Joey has been creating quality animation with Austin Visual since January of 2012. Recently, he completed this entertaining and eye catching video.


Let’s take a glimpse into the artist’s creative processes:

1) Progress Pete is a rather entertaining character, and a great way to introduce and explain this material. Where did you find inspiration to make this video?

I had seen the original drawing of the Saskatoon Airport Authority and felt that it could be redesigned for an easier transition to animation. I’m influenced by Disney and so that’s what I focus on in my design.

2) What programs did you use for the piece?
progress pete saskatoon airportI hand drew the original character and then digitally created him and the background in Adobe Illustrator. I then did the storyboard and animatic on my iPad using Animation HD. Then the finished product was in After Effects.

3) What are your goals in future works, independently, as well as with Austin Visual?

I want to direct short film animations and eventually full feature lengths.

4) Anything else you want us to know about your and your artistic aspirations and/or endeavors?

I am currently working on an animated short that I have completed the character designs for and looking to start storyboarding it.

I know we all look forward to seeing your future work. Thanks, Joey!