Stewart Wieck is hard at work melding the best elements from two previously separate methods of game-playing. Darkling Plain is the name of the game he’s building, and it promises to deliver the intensity of video game special effects in your tabletop games. It’s played on a map of a fantasy world that sits on your tabletop. Then using smart devices or computers, players choose an area of the map that blooms into 3D life. Adventures and battles are played out with warriors and monsters represented character cards, which are transformed into then changed into fully animated 3D figures.


Nocturnal Media is driving this innovative game concept. Lead Designer Stewart Wieck says that video games offer immersion, eye-candy and computational wizardry, while with board games you have a more social experience and a certain depth of play. Darkling Plain draws the best aspects from each of these worlds to create something that’s never been seen before in the gaming world.

White Wolf Publishing was co-founded by Wieck, where he created role-playing games that defined genres. Set within the World of Darkness, these games include Vampire: The Masquerade and Orpheus, and many in between. He operated and owned White Wolf from 1986 until 2006, when the company was merged with CCP Games, creator of the space multiplayer online game EVE Online.



Wieck is quick to point out that his use of AR is not a mere contrivance. It plays a big part in his vision of creating an elegant board game. Use of AR makes it possible to offer features that you couldn’t with more traditional setups, such as invisible movement of enemy units. The characters and their powers look extremely cool, as do the environments. Imagine your character walking down a path, only for the player to see the wraiths bearing down on him. Still, though, there is a foundation of strategic and exciting game play. Featured on as a Staff Pick, Darkling Plain is seeking production funds until August 5th.

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