Austin Visuals Team Goes Indoor Skydiving for Company Team Building Event



At Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, we work pretty hard delivering high quality top notch 3D Animation and Commercials to help businesses sell more of their products and services, so we thought it’s Friday why not take a little break for ourselves and have some fun at ifly-Austin doing some indoor skydiving with the Animation Team.

The experience was super fun flying inside the chamber. For most of us it was our first time, so we didn’t know what to expect. The Team at iFly taught us all about the airflow dynamics of what we would be doing before we endeavored into the flight. Our team loved it and we all went out for sushi and habachi grill at Kobe Steakhouse afterwards. We have included some videos of our experience below. We hope you enjoy. We would highly recommend you check out iFly if you haven’t already.



Chris Berry – Production Coordinator



Jenn Bredemeier – 3D Digital Artist




Matt Winters – CEO




Dmitriy Dryagin – Creative Team Director



Monica Jomah – Head of Finance and Accounting