Austin Visuals Christmas Party – Austin TX


Our staff at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio works really hard throughout the year to produce high end 3D Animation to explain how products and services work at a local and global level. We make sure to put in extra time to make sure our customers are extra impressed and say ‘Wow’ with the Animation we create for them.

Since we work so hard, we thought it would be great to throw a huge get together. On Friday Dec 12th, 2014 our staff came together and thought it would be fun to throw a Green Screen and Video Game Themed Christmas Party. Around 30 of our staff and supporters showed and the party was a huge success. We setup Nintendo Wii, Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, and had a great time with our team who we consider family. It takes a lot of hard work and a great team to make 3D Animation happen, but the experience of creating art at the level our team at Austin Visuals does it at, is so rewarding. All of our staff really enjoyed the party.

We also came up with the idea to do a green screen challenge. So from now until Jan 15th, we are taking submissions. We challenge you our audience and supporters to show us your Photoshop skills. Use the  green screen photos of our staff, to photoshop our staff into interesting, funny, or creative scenarios.  You can download high resolution photos of our green screen staff photos from our Facebook business page. The best of these submissions will be reviewed by our Austin Visuals staff and the top attempts will be selected and promoted across our company website and Business Facebook page. Upload your picture submissions to our Business Facebook Page here :  or you can email your edited green screen photo submissions to — To participate, just key our the green background, and edit our staff’s photos and place them into interesting scenes. You may get as creative with this challenge as you like.  Good luck!


Also, enjoy some pictures from our company party below. If you have a project that you’d like Austin Visuals to take to the next level, Contact Us and we’ll make sure we apply the same love and creativity to your project as we have helped countless other clients achieve their marketing and messaging goals with our 3D Animation.

Pictures from Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio – Green Screen Christmas Party



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Austin-Visuals-Green-Screen-Party-5 Austin-Visuals-Green-Screen-Party-6 Austin-Visuals-Green-Screen-Party-7 Austin-Visuals-Green-Screen-Party-8 Austin-Visuals-Green-Screen-Party-9
Austin-Visuals-Green-Screen-Party-11 Austin-Visuals-Green-Screen-Party-13 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-1 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-2
austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-4 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-5 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-6 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-7 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-8 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-9 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-10 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-11 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-12 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-13 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-14 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-15 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-16 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-17
austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-19 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-20 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-1 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-3 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-4 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-5 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-9 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-11 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-12 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-13 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-14 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-15 austin-start-up-scene-3d-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-17 austin-start-up-scene-austin-visuals-animation-green-screen-112 austin-tx-3d-animation-graphics-company-party-1 austin-tx-3d-animation-graphics-company-party-2