Austin Visuals Sponsored Laser Tag Event Winners Announced – 2D Vs 3D Digital Artists



Laser Tag Winners announced in an epic battle yesterday, two teams entered and 1 team emerged victorious. Sponsored by Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, the Austin Digital Arts community came together in Partnership with the Austin Animation Club at Blazer Tag in South Austin. There were factions of artists that made some heroic plays by overwhelming their 3D Adversaries. The 3D team had a variety of campers, snipers, and tended to play more towards securing bases.

In the end, the 3D Team won!! Perhaps it was bravado, perhaps it was the redbull, whatever it was it was a fun memorable event that brought the Digital Artistic Community together made possible by Austin Visuals Animation. Honorable mentions go to CEO Matthew Winters who ranked #1 at the event and lead the 3D team to victory due to his stealthy and sometimes campy abilities.

We look forward to producing the next fun event that brings community together,

– Austin Visuals Animation