Austin Visuals Spotlight: Brigham Young University’s Animation Department

Earlier this week, The New York Times had a chance to interview BYU’s (Brigham Young University) animation department. Brigham Young is based in Brovo, Ohio and caters mainly to Mormon students.

It’s not hard to see from their spectacular and innovative animations that Brigham Young has exceptional students and faculty. The NYT went on to say that BYU “has become a farm team for the country’s top animation studios and effects companies. Unlikely as it sounds, young Mormons are being sucked out of the middle of Utah and into the very centers of American pop-culture manufacturing.”

Edwin Catmull, from Pic, lauded the university’s animation department, saying “It’s the perception not just of Pixar, but also at the other studios, that something pretty remarkable is happening here.” In fact, six BYU alumni worked on very complex jobs in the recent Disney film “Brave”. It would seem that even today, remarkable things are still going on. BYU animated film “Lemmings” received a student Emmy and student Academy Award. Its lighthearted tone is standard for most Brigham young films, seeing as all of their films generally strive for a PG rating or below. The students seem to embrace this family-friendly focus, hoping to create a new standard for entertainment. This will be tough however. Anyone who’s seen a movie in theaters nowadays can tell that Hollywood is slowly becoming more crass crude and violent. The faculty and students have a rough road ahead.

Here is a behind the scene clip of some of the Animation Work BYU has been up to these days, an animated short called Dream Giver, Enjoy :


As far as campus life goes, Brigham young is strictly conservative in comparison. No drugs or alcohol, no swearing; it makes sense that rules such as these factors in to the university’s target audience. Is this for the best? Those focusing on safe family values will probably applaud them, while others with more liberal views might not see eye to eye with BYU’s policy. It all really depends on one’s views, of course, but seeing the quality of the work that these students put out should sway any doubters. Mormon or not, the students at BYU are animators, and clearly some of the best.



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