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vr program for oculus quest

How to Develop a VR Program for Oculus Quest?

By Blog

“Virtual Reality” is a new and promising technology, which has a lot of potential for companies that wish to invest into a new technology that can improve performance, productivity and performance easily, as well as help break new grounds. It can help build an immersive environment with the help of hardware and software, and let users create a 3D environment….

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virtual reality simulated training

How Does Virtual Reality Simulated Training Benefit Patients?

By Blog

Virtual Reality Simulated Training is a pretty new phenomenon in the domain of surgery. It is used for demonstrations as well as for training purposes. With a virtual reality surgery simulator, medical professionals can learn how surgical tools can be used, how new methods can be performed and how complex processes can be carried out completely. Medical professionals can find…

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vr in the healthcare industry

Trends of VR in the Healthcare Industry

By Blog

The healthcare industry witnesses many important trends from time to time, and VR in the healthcare industry is one of the newest technologies to hit the sector. It is making its presence felt, but can actually go on to revolutionize the industry in many ways. There is virtually endless potential. When VR is combined along with quantum computing, machine learning,…

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vr-based healthcare training

Top 5 Things to Ask Before Investing in VR-Based Healthcare Training

By Blog

It can be quite complex to decide on buying VR technology, to implement in training healthcare professionals. Before making investments in VR-based healthcare training, here are 5 important questions to consider.  Why do I need VR? You must have a proper goal in mind, and what you would actually like to achieve when you use VR. There is a need…

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