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In the Old days not too long ago there were Betamax and VHS format wars. We saw VHS emerge victorious at the end of that decade after Sony began to produce their own VHS players. Of course, video tapes and the Laserdisc – an early CD-based medium would later gain more popularity in the far east.

Although DVD has become the standard, the future is the Blu-ray disc – though before Blu-ray we had another format war between HD DVD, a rival format by Toshiba. Eventually this format was discontinued in 2008 due to both declining consumer interest and due to several major movie studios moved to commit to the Blu-ray format.

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At this point, you may have collected quite a large DVD collection, but in recent years there have been numerous ways to stream HD movies and TV programs. Soon you may have no need for a physical storing of DVDs at all, and instead be able to get any show you please at any time on demand. But if you are going to make the jump to Blu-ray, what should you do with your old DVDs?

MusicMagpie has the answer. Simply enter the barcodes on your DVDs into their website, or scan them with your webcam or the musicMagpie app, and you’ll be able to find out what they’re worth. Then you can send anywhere between 10 and 500 DVDs to musicMagpie, free of charge – and they’ll even collect them from your door if you’ve got more than 25 to sell. You can even sell Blu-rays too, if you no longer need them anymore. Once the order gets to musicMagpie and is verified, it’s easy to get paid. You then have the money transferred into your bank account, be sent a check, or even get an e-voucher delivered to you straight away. There’s even the option to donate the money to charity if you’d like.
So if you’re thinking of upgrading your DVD you have stock piled, look to musicMagpie to make it more cost-effective – not only will you have cash to show for it, you’ll also have plenty of space for all those new Blu-rays!


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