Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Reports on Pixar's 3D Release

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio investigates and reports that Pixar’s 3D Steroscopic conversion of Finding Nemo arrives in U.S. Theaters along with Partysaurus Rex, another 3D Animation from Pixar.

The 3D Steroscopic re-rendering gives this nearly 10 year-old film a breath of life; Nell Minow from the Chicago Sun-Times says, “As Marlin, the little clownfish looks for his young son, Nemo, we feel the bleakness of the ocean’s overwhelming size and power. And when Nemo is captured, we experience the claustrophobia of the small aquarium.” 3D Animation is catching on and entertaining audiences everywhere. Of course, now’s a great time to catch the movie again especially if you’ve not seen anything in 3D steroscopic from pixar before.