Austin Visuals Reports – Switching to Firefox vs Chrome – The great debate.


Being an Animation Studio, we always have to be at the forefront of what’s happening on the technology scene. Every so often we do an internal poll at our company to find out how we can improve our internal process to help our internal workflow between associates in order to ultimately produce a better product for our customers. After our last month’s company feedback poll, we’ve found that we have been having some rather persistent internal issues with Chrome. Our finding is your gain! So we are publishing our thoughts over the subject in order help our customers and our followers gain insight into whether your own browser methods are working for you well. Or maybe it’s time to re-evaluate, like we did?

We found some great discussion about this debate here:

We’ve been a fan of Google Chrome for internet browsing for years. We made the switch years ago from Firefox to Chrome because years ago Firefox would require you to wait for critical updates and restart its browser at unpredictable times. Just when you get the impulse to surf the web, there’s nothing more annoying than having to wait unexpectedly for 2 minutes while a patch updates. So then we would switch to another browser, then just stay browsing in it for the duration of that session because it was easier to stay in one browser.

Since using Chrome we have had the following issues that have become worse in the past 30 days.

Issues with from we’ve experienced:

  • It crashes A lot!! – At least 1-2 times per day.
  • It eats a lot of memory – By default hyperlink you click, opens a new tab. A new tab eats up another large portion of memory. Which we don’t need all these new tabs open every time we want to look at something. By the end of a typical browsing experience, we would end up with 50-100 tabs open and gig’s of memory being reserved for Chrome’s memory hungry browsing requirements.
  • Plugins would crash, then a crashed plugin would crash chrome often – We run plugins to increase our browsing productivity and sometimes Chrome isn’t up for the challenge. Sometimes cloud printing doesn’t work, or sometimes we will go to a website and that website will be inaccessible through Chrome because the website uses a special plugin that is not supported by Chrome.
  • Multiple Login for YouTube manager not supported – Sometimes we get busy and we we have logged into multiple google email accounts. When we’ve attempted to log into manager our YouTube account, in Chrome we are never able to log in to our YouTube Managed account unless we log out of all gmail products entirely then log into YouTube.


With all these issues, we switched to Firefox today. We found that Firefox performs better, uses less memory, doesn’t crash as much, supports multiple plugins and multiple logins. So in short, we’ve made the switch. We would encourage you to evaluate whether you should do the same. For some helpful tools, here’s a link to make your Firefox browsing experience feel more like chrome.

We are already seeing productivity gains by making the switch. Enjoy the discussion. Firefox is the clear winner for us at Austin Visuals 3d Animation Studio.

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