Flipnote 3DS – A tool to make Animations Yourself! – Austin Visuals Reports

Look out world! Nintendo is set to release the next version of its animation software, Flipnote Studio 3D. It’s going to arrive in the North American 3DS eShop sometimes in August.  Nintendo has already detailed subscription choices, and launched an official website for the product release.

The Flipnote Gallery is what users will use to export their animations to. There will be two variants: Flipnote Gallery: Friends and Flipnote Gallery: World. The Friends option is free and the World will be a subscription based service costing 99¢ for 30 days. There is a free trial period to see the Gallery is worth the investment.

As can be assumed from the name, creations made with the World version can be seen globally. World can also be used for free every day from 3pm-7p local time. Evaluating and submitting Flipnotes will earn users Collector Points and Coin Points, which can theoretically heads to multiple free months of playtime.


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