Frozen Animators Left Out In The Cold


Following the completion of Frozen, a 3D animation Oscar winning movie, many animators were laid off. They were then excluded from the bonuses handed out as a result according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Steve Hulett, the business representative at the IATSE Local 839, started receiving complaints from the same laid off animators that Disney provided bonuses to those working in the division regardless of whether they worked on the movie or not. The bonuses arrived on Thursday and amounted to 10 weeks pay.

Hulett acknowledged that bonuses are discretionary, but said “My issue is philosophical.” and that it’s “morally bankrupt” to not give bonuses to those who worked on the entire picture. Hulett talked to an executive at Disney and found that studio policy is to hand out the bonuses to those working in the division regardless whether they worked on the picture or not. They had done this for all the movies before this like Tangled and Aladdin. He outlined the discussion in a blog post on the Animation Guild website.

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