Google and NASA to Collaborate on Quantum Computer – Austin Visuals Reports

D-Wave Systems, a company based in Burnaby, Canada, sells the only commercially available quantum computer. Their latest model, the D-Wave Two, has attracted interest from Google, NASA, and the Universities Space Research Association. These organizations are collaborating to install the system in the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab within NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.

Quantum computing is gradually becoming a valuable resource for the ability to process data at higher speeds than conventional computers. Regular computers process data in “bits”, which can be expressed within the system as 0 or 1, and can only exist as one or the other. Quantum computers work around such limitations since quantum bits or “qubits” can exist as a 0, 1, or both. Though there is debate about whether quantum computers can be used to solve all problems more quickly, experts still find potential uses for such a specialized system.


Possible functions of quantum computers include finding efficient solutions for optimization problems or advancements in artificial intelligence. There are also thoughts about using these systems to create more accurate models to predict climate change or track the development of diseases, which are highly complex systems. The system is expected to be completed within the third quarter of this year.


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