Google’s New Penguin Update: What Does it Mean For You? – Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Reports

Recently Google has rolled out a new update, called Penguin. What does this mean for you? If you are focusing on steady rankings growth, not just quick growth, if you are producing quality content, then it probably means very little. If you are using black hat SEO techniques, it could result in much lower search rankings.

google penguin update

The Panda update to Google’s search algorithm, and now the Penguin, shared the same goal: To penalize those who are trying to game the system by emphasizing their “valuable content” and websites. Google has now addressed keyword stuffing, or the practice of using keywords excessively in an effort to improve rank, article marketing sites, irrelevant links to home pages, spam, and inbound links from either dangerous or otherwise low quality websites.

Google has tried to shift the ranking criteria to make earned authority and quality content the driving force behind its search results. This necessitated making changes to the search algorithms, making search criteria more sophisticated and less subject to manipulation. One issue the Panda update addressed was that of false links and content popularity fro Article Directories. The result of this was greatly lowered search rankings for sites that make their content appear more popular by submitting it to hundreds of so-called article directories, each with an inbound link to the website.




The first major Penguin update addressed five types of link issues, among other things: Inbound links coming from dangerous websites, Paid text links using exact match anchor text, Questionable websites providing “guest posts,” either completely unrelated or dangerous, Comment spam, or posting links to your own site in an irrelevant comment on another website, and Article marketing site links.

The recent major Penguin update, the second one, consisted of two minor tweaks between 1.0 and 2.0. It took the analysis of links beyond solely the home page, and applied it to deeper pages. It also penalized sites infected with malware and sites with pages that are no longer indexed.

So what does this Penguin 2.0 update mean for you? If you focus on creating quality content that other real people view as being helpful and authoritative, then you need not have any worries. However, if you hired an SEO firm that uses spammy, manipulative or paid links, then you might see a dip in your search ranking. If you think you have a problem, then analyze your link profile, identify the problems, and take steps to remove the links that offend the Penguin.

By producing valuable content and not playing games with Google, Bing, etc., your link profile review should be quick and easy., If you have noticed diminished search rankings on Google in the last three weeks or so, then you might have a problem. Just clean up your links and resubmit your site to Google.


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