(With a Brief History Lesson)

It’s not easy being a female entrepreneur in 2017, but it was more difficult still in the mid 1800’s when Beatrix Potter swished her corsets and crinolines, ditched her chaperone, and actually went in person to printing houses to get her first book published and created stories that became part of the childhoods of practically everyone everywhere..  

(Look getting it together with all those pieces of clothing is daunting enough on its own let alone challenging tradition, the establishment, the men’s clubs of the times, no right to vote or marry who you want, live on your own, and just be a whole person.)

Yes, she self-published

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

herself because no one else would.

Of course, when it became a success, publishers stepped in, but it was her grit and determination that made it all happen in the first place.  (Sound familiar?)

She was an artist, and a business woman – not only did she write and illustrate her books, she filed patents and merchandising rights for stuffed bunnies, plates and more.  She went on to write and illustrate 28 books, translated into 35 languages and – wait for it – selling more than 100 million copies.  She used her financial independence to preserve more than 4,000 acres of farmland, protecting it from development.  Next time you’re in England you can still visit Hilltop Farms yourself.

At Austin Visuals, we pull a rabbit out of the hat for women and men entrepreneurs every day.  The largest companies all started with someone who wouldn’t take no for an answer.  People with grit and determination.  We started that way too, ten years ago.  So we understand.   We’d like an opportunity to understand your challenges.  Contact us today.

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