Houston Companies are Marketing More with Animation and Graphics

There are many reasons why a business should use Houston oil and gas 3D animation — not the least of which is that it can help get a business noticed. Every month, every week, it seems there are more and more businesses joining the race to get noticed, all jostling for position in a whole range of industries. And nowhere is that race more vicious than in Houston oil and gas. Here’s where animation can help — innovative and new techniques such as the creative use of computer generated imagery to help a company stand above all their competition is something that Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio can help you do.

For one thing, people expect it. Let’s face it — 3D animation and computer graphics are everywhere these days. Take a look at network television shows, computer games, movies, advertisements, and so on. It’s obvious that when people visit a website, they expect to be entertained as well. Take one website with static content, that looks like it was designed in the early days of the Web. Put it up against another, more modern website that offers engaging graphics that inform and entertain. It’s not really a contest any more. Most people will choose to stay on the more entertaining site, the one with the graphics and animation.


Viewers want high quality video and animation. Not to put too fine a point on it, but content that is poor quality is likely to make most users leave a site before they have a chance to see what it might provide for them. Consider the advances in the industry today: The CGI and animation used on a website can look just about like the real thing, making for an exciting and thrilling experience for the visitor.

Sure, including a lot of Houston oil & gas animation in your website is a good thing, but at the same time, it’s important to remember that a little goes a long way. Don’t overdo it. Use a few well-placed graphics to illustrate some difficult concepts, or perhaps show off a particular trait that sets your company off from its competition. That will go further towards keeping visitors on your website, looking for more information. Overloading your visitors with such graphics might make it quite difficult for them to make any sense of any of it.

3d-animation-Houston-Oil-Gas Industries-Booming-Houston-downtown-skyline-Image

Finally, many visitors to your site with 3D animation in Houston will be on mobile devices. They will be on touch screens, and expect to be able to interact with the graphics on your site: to pinch and zoom in, for example, swipe to pan around, and so on. Enabling this ability will make them much more likely to want to stay on your site. Since many people are on the move, and will want to stay in touch while on the go, it’s important now more than ever to ensure that a site’s graphics and animation indulge the particulars of touch screen usage.

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