How A French Press is Made – Behind the Scenes at Austin Visuals Animation Studio

At Austin Visuals Animation Studio, we love creating Product Animation. We thought we’d give our clients a glimpse at what our process is in order to create fun and engaging custom animation for our clients.  So we started out meeting with a client recently that wanted a ‘How it works’ Instructional video animation for their French Press system. It is more of a promotional commercial for a series of products we will be creating content for.

The Challenge : Our client gave us little more than talking with us over the phone over how they wanted this commercial look. Austin Visuals is creating this animation from concept to completion. Our client wants to be able to effectively communicate to their client base how a French Press is made as well as have the animation engaging enough to hold their customer’s attention.

The Production:

Austin Visuals decided a fun way to tell a story is if we created a 2D Animation over a Live Product and have the coffee mug tell the story over how to get the most out of the French Press. We started out sketching some concepts sketches over how this French Press would look like. We needed to get a since of scale since we planned to animate characters around it the press.

how-to-animation-french press-and-coffee-bag


Next we came up with some Sketches over how the Coffee Mug may tell the story.



Next we made a series of storyboards. Right now these are just in the concept phase, we will likely go through some changes and revisions as we get feedback from our client over what concepts they like and want to see us develop further for them.



Storyboard 2nd Page


Storyboard 3rd Page


We recently made a test Animation after we created the storyboards to show a proof of concept and show the direction we wanted to take the look of this demonstration. With these visuals we were going for more of a ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ feel. We can overlay 2d Animation on top of video that we’ve shot in order to tell a compelling story and demonstrate how this project works. Enjoy and stay tuned for more as we document our process behind the scenes at Austin Visuals Animation Studio.

Here’s a Video of our latest 2D Animation with Live Action Test! Enjoy.