How Animation For TV Is Created With LaVar Burton From Star Trek

Ever wonder how those FX from Star Trek were created? Ever wonder how Austin Visuals Animation makes those award winning videos and FX? LaVar Burton from Star Trek leads you through how Video is Filmed and Special FX are created for Star Trek the Next Generation. The Star Trek Series is one of our personal favorites at Austin Visuals. Even though many of the episodes for Star Trek the Next Generation were filmed over 20 years ago, many of the techniques over how video is created and filmed still remain the same today, although filming equipment and 3d animation technology has become more advanced. Our intention with this post is to educate our customers over what is involved in creating video, 3d animation, and what the process is for merging them together. We hope you find these Videos educational and fun.

When Austin Visuals creates a new Filmed Commercial for our clients, we start with creating a script, then storyboards, cast for actors, setup lighting and the environment, then take all that has been filmed and bring those shots together into our Professional Editing Room for finishing touches, FX, and 3D Animation Integration. What has changed since the 90’s is that Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio uses the latest cutting edge software and 3d animation Techniques to make anything our clients request, possible. Our Animation systems and large computer render farms at Austin Visuals allows our clients to literally request any kind of visual and we make it happen without question.


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