Inspiring ideas and content are out there. All a social media manager has to do is look to find that extraordinary content to syndicate on their social pages. You don’t always have to put a great deal of effort into it,  you just need to know where to look. This article will show you how to improve your content, and do so with minimal effort.inspiritation wheels turning in my brain

Ideation, Generation and Instant Inspiration

Managing social media, you know that coming up with good ideas is tough, especially on a day-to-day basis. So where do you go to get your idea machine going? Here are some ways to light that fire:


Use Twitter to its Fullest

Twitter is not only a great generator of buzz and content, it’s a hub for knowledge as well. There’s lots of inspiration there, too, but again you need to know where to look. Use your hashtags properly to find the latest relevant stories. At that point you can use influencers’ opinions to inspire, or use them for great content ideas.

Circle The Best Google+ People

Doesn’t it seem as if some people on Google+ are full time curators? If you can find some of these – they post between five and ten pieces of fresh, interesting and engaging content every day. You can then use these suggestions to inspire blog posts, improve your content, and light your own creative fires.

There is a catch, though – you need to find the right people to circle on Google’s social media service. Provided you can do that, you’ll have tapped into a wealth of stimulating content, so you don’t have to drill down to page 6792 on Google to find an interesting article yourself.

Read Niche Blogs

It’s been said that there’s nothing new under the sun. While that may or may not be true, it is true that we can get inspired by reading the work of others in industry similar to our own. It’s great to see what niche bloggers are up to, where they’re getting their ideas from, and what they’re writing about. Sometimes it’s from their own personal experiences; sometimes from others in their network. You might read a post you like so much that it inspires solutions  and ideas of your own.

Check Out Pinterest Pages

If there’s two things that Pinterest is known for, it’s inspiration and images – maybe not in that order. You might not find anything in written form there, but it’s practically guaranteed you’ll find lots of great infographics, tutorials, and images. Find the boards that provide the best inspiration, and visit them often. Usually, the best curators will post several times a day, never keeping you high and dry when it comes to image inspiration.


Subscribe To YouTube Channels

As of this writing, every minute sees about 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube. This makes it one of the best ways to source the most up-to-date information today.  YouTube will suggest videos for you to watch based on what you’ve watched before, further fueling your niche research. It will do the legwork and searching for you when you subscribe to the appropriate channels. All you’ll have to do at that point is open the site.


Peruse Some Online Libraries

All you have to do is subscribe to an online library, and they contain endless books, publications, and journals that can add a little – or a lot – of jazz to just about any subject. If you’re going to be applying yourself in the same area of expertise for some time to come, it might be worth the subscription to ensure that you are providing your fans with the quality content they deserve.

Use Social Bookmarking Sites

There are a lot of useful social bookmarking sites to explore the web – StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg are just a few. For example, using StumbleUpon, you tell it what you’re interested in. Then it will tell you new and interesting sites relevant to that topic that, oftentimes, you’ve never seen by using Google.

StumbleUpon also has a random search tool, which is exceptionally useful for people looking for niche content, social managers and bloggers. It’s great for finding outstanding people and sites who might otherwise be lost in the waters of the web.

Like the Right Facebook Business Pages

If you Like the key Facebook business pages for your niche, you’ll get their most current information coming up on your feeds. Sourcing expert information has never been easier than following a feed.


Try Using Meme Sites

Although many meme sites have devolved into simply “joke sites,” some of them are much more than that. Some of them contain social commentary and other interesting information about current happenings; many of them use creative ways to present interesting concepts. Stuck for content? Get a new perspective on your niche topic by searching for it on your favorite meme site.


Ebay, Etsy and Amazon: Use Them

Interested in the world of niche sales? Check out Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. Seeing what products are moving on each of these major retailers’ sites is wonderful way of staying informed. Just look for new books in your niche; maybe some new products; a new bestseller.

Be sure to check in to a few of these sites each week, if only to keep yourself in the loop. Maybe you don’t need any new ideas right now, and that’s ok, but it is always a good idea to stay in touch with what’s going on in your niche. If you aren’t already using Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Google+ to help you find exciting new content, begin now and you’ll find your job a lot easier.