Improving Your Business Website

Remember the days when you could launch a website and get back to business as usual, knowing that it was likely to provide some value just by existing.

These days, websites remain the key to successful marketing strategies  However, online marketing includes much more.

This post outlines a framework for mapping marketing objectives to a more holistic view of your web presence, which extends far beyond your website. It is a model that is meant to help you adjust your focus to the bigger picture, the lens through which we should all be focusing our future forward online marketing efforts.

The image above highlights the most important tools that need to be aligned to structure your web presence properly. The four colored bars in the center are the “pillars”. Let’s look at each of the pillars in more detail.


A few years ago, there was a lot of buzz that branding was decreasing in importance. Small sites with little to no history were able to rank on page 1 for competitive keywords by using an exact-match domain, optimizing the on-page, and earning or buying a few decent links to the site.

Google has pushed strongly in the opposite direction since early 2011. Now, brands matter as much or more than keywords again. And this is only for SEO.

Overall, your brand is the key to integrating online and offline media vehicles. Things like your logo, your key messages and value proposition, your brand voice, and even your color palette must be pervasive.

Make sure you are using the right marketing that keeps up with the times because your average person is bombarded daily with non-stop ads, commercials, facebook instant messages, text messages, pop-ups. How do you capture their attention any longer? You may want to consider a website upgrade or adding Video Animation to your marketing campaign. Now a days people are getting high visibility first page Google rankings with uploading any kind of videos relevant to their company to YouTube.

User Experience

User Experience is a growing discipline in web design, primarily focused on usability and ease of use. While that objective is a huge factor toward the success of your website, user experience is much more.

When taken from the perspective of the customer, user experience heavily influences the impact of your brand. What is it like to engage with your brand? Is it consistent across mediums? Do you meet the expectations that were set elsewhere by ambassadors of your brand and business? Is it a pleasurable, exciting, or boring experience to engage with you?

Take a wider view of user experience, and you will see that it is much more than the color of the buttons on your landing page or the way you build the navigation on your site. It is about how you make prospects and customers feel through your actions and words.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Any good online marketing professional knows that organic traffic is one of the most important success factors for a website. But SEO goes far beyond just ranking static pages of content on your own web property.

SEO now extends in multiple directions. Social is fast growing in influence over SEO performance, as shares, likes, and bookmarks are taken into account for rankings.

In the end, everything you do to represent your brand will be able to affect your rankings, which in turn will impact your organic traffic volume.


Beyond branding, user experience, and SEO, relationships continue to be a key factor in online marketing success. In the old days, relationships were a massive influence on our success. Today, with so many opportunities to network and converse online, relationships remain important.

We have unprecedented access to others for networking and relationship building today.

If you look at any successful businessperson or thought leader, you will find important relationships that were instrumental in them building their personal and/or business brand. Mentors, online connections, former co-workers, friends and family, the list goes on.

How to Carve Out Resources to Drive Content – Video and Animation is the way to go.

If content marketing concerns you because of staffing shortages, lack of time, or other operational limitations, find someone external to do it for you. Pull budget from under-performing marketing programs and push those funds into marketing programs that other business are proving works.

Content marketing is like a snowball rolling downhill…the more you get done, the more your progress accelerates. So stop wasting money on old school advertising tactics, and give content marketing a try for a minimum of six months.

At Austin Visuals we specialize in providing the following:

  • Video Production
  • 3D Animation and 3D Renderings
  • Graphic Design and Video Marketing
  • Animation from concept-to-completion

Contact us at Austin Visuals if you need help structuring your video, graphics, or marketing needs, and we can help you save time and many headaches of getting it off the ground. This is one of our main areas of specialty.