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How to Make Your Online Videos More Engaging

By March 9, 2013July 15th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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How to Make Your Online Videos More Engaging – Austin Visuals Animation Studio Reports

Online Videos

When it comes to the internet, ‘video’ is the buzzword. It is cheap to make, and whether it is for advertising, spreading information, or just entertaining, everyone’s doing it. So, are you sure that your video can attract more views than the competition? Just keep these four steps in mind while making your video so as to engage your audience better.

1.   Keep it Short

The average viewer has a pretty small attention span! Studies show that majority of viewers will start disengaging from a video after 60 seconds or so. Also, if the viewers know beforehand that the video is a long one attention will start waning even faster. It’s safe to assume that most people will only make it through a 30-45 sec video. The bottom line is that video engagement will be far better with a shorter video than with a longer one.

 2. Get to the Point Quickly

It is always a good idea to put in your central message as early on as possible in the video. You should do this, as we’ve seen above, well within  30 seconds, before the audience’s interest start meandering You might have a beautiful script planned out which builds itself up till the end for the idea to reveal itself, but you risk your audience losing interest well before that and missing the point altogether. So get in there quick.

3. Make Crisp, Targeted Statements        

Nothing can put you off more than a video with a lack of focus. Since you already know that you have little time to deliver your message, your video should be filled with relevant details and interesting information. In short, your content should be rock solid. Try to connect with your audience by speaking in a personal tone. Use “you” and “your” instead of “he” and “him”. Put your audience in the hot seat.

4. Video Placement and Environment 

Now that you have your video make sure that you place it in the correct environment. There are some important points you might tend to overlook but are actually super important. For example, the video thumbnail image might make the difference between a potential viewer clicking on your online videos or giving it a miss altogether. A good video description and the way the video is placed on the page can also impact your viewership big time. Try to think of all such peripheral points which would enhance the possibility of your video getting more views. Remember, unless your video gets the ‘click’, all the above points are moot!

The fact that videos are very effective in getting a point across is a no-brainer. And thanks to technology, videos nowadays can be made very quickly and for very affordable prices. So in this ever-growing mass of videos in the online world you have to ensure your video sticks its head above the crowd to get noticed. Making a crisp, quality video, with a sharply directed message and with proper contextual surroundings ensures just that. Keeping all this in mind you are sure to engage the viewer over and above the competition.


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