How to Monitor your Companies’ Online Presence: Austin Visuals reports
A successful company always checks up on what is being said about their brand or product. Companies can easily monitor what people are saying online about them on any topic they wish to track. In a recent article posted on the SocialMedia Examiner,  Laura Roeder discusses two real-time social analytics tools that can enhance online monitoring.

Get Real-Time Insight

The first tool is a search engine called Topsy. Topsy gives real-time insights into online conversations. By using proprietary data-indexing technology, Topsy is able to provide users with not only the most recent search results but also the most relevant to your brand or company. This is based on the calculated social influence of the conversation.

If a company wants to use Topsy to search Twitter, a great feature that Topsy offers is that the URLs are automatically expanded when the search results are indexed. This means that a company can see which tweets are linking back to their website that they might not otherwise be able to see. Users are also able to view tweets about their company or brand that don’t tag their @handle.

Some topics that a user will want to search for on Topsy are:

  • Your name
  • Your company/brand name
  • Your product(s) name
  • Your competition
  • Your industry
  • Your website URL(s) (leave off the “www”)
  • Your email address
  • Your email employees’ names

Using Topsy not only allows you to get a pulse on what people are saying about your brand online, but it also shows trending topics that would be good to add to your Netvibes dashboard.

Monitor Your Social Media in one Dashboard

The second tool is Netvibes, a free PR-newswire service.

Netvibes allows users to choose from hundreds of pre-installed search widgets, which include connecting to your own Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Once you are signed in to Netvibes, the process is quite simple. Enter  a search topic (such as the ones listed above for Topsy) and search. Search results organized by source will appear on your dashboard. More news outlets can be added by adding widgets to your dashboard.


Netvibes can also be used to monitor RSS feeds from sites/blogs that you might want to stay current with.

To do this, just click the “Add a feed” button and enter the feed URL.

The easiest way to organize your account is to separate each search topic into it’s own dashboard. The separate dashboards will appear as tabs across the top of your screen.

When using Netvibes, a good idea is to set up a tab for each of your websites’ URL. This will help let you know when someone is linking back to you or your company. Even though this information will also appear in your Google Analytics account, it’s convenient to have all of this data available in one central location.

Whenever a new article or conversation on your search term has been detected, at alert in red at the top of that dashboard will appear. Because Netvibes operates in real time, you’ll always have the latest results.

Once you’ve created your account on Netvibes and entered all of the searches you want to monitor, your set to begin your social media monitoring. The only thing to remember now is to log on frequently to keep track of all the conversations where you are being mentioned via social media sites and interact with customers to offer feedback or even more extensive customer service.

While many companies are striving to develop an online presence through social media, it is also important to measure the effectiveness of these strategies. Topsy and Netvibes are great tools to help in this endeavor. At Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, we hope that our online presence brings our customers convenience and ease. Your feedback is always appreciated, and we encourage you to try these online tools to help make your web surfing a little less daunting.