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How to choose a good 3D Animation Studio

By November 19, 2012August 11th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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How to choose a good 3D Animation Studio

good 3D Animation Studio

In a recent blog post on, author Sunny Singh Aurora gives customers basic tips on how to choose a good 3d animation studio that is right for you are as follows :

Look at their testimonials:

Testimonials from past clients are a great way to figure out how the company has performed. The feedback from clients who have used the animation studio for previous projects can give insight to the type of quality and service the studio provides. After a project is complete, Austin Visuals’ past clients are often kind enough to share some feedback on our working relationship. Here are a few appreciated remarks:

“I would highly recommend using Austin Visuals. They dealt with me in a very professional manner. They have excellent customer service that pays attention to detail. Their prices are very reasonable and they deliver a product that is outstanding. I was very pleased with their work.”

Oralia Leos
Houston, TX.

“The representatives from the company were extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about their field of work… They are very precise, knowledgeable, professional and I felt 100% at ease with the team of Austin Visuals handling my graphic design work. I STRONGLY recommend Austin Visuals for any of your graphic design work you will not be disappointed with them in any way including their pricing.”

Marcus Phillips RN
Houston, TX.

Check out more of our client testimonials here.

Look at their past work:

Previous projects that have been completed by the studio are an essential indicator of whether or not to hire them for a service. Reviewing their portfolio or video reel can help you decide if the quality of graphics, depth of communication and overall feel of the work is something you would like to consider.

Austin Visuals has done many animation projects, ranging from 3D/2D animation and graphics, architectural renderings, and technical or engineering animations. Check out our demo reel here.

Look at their client list:

More often than not, you will always find a dedicated section showing the clients list of an animation studio. Having varied clients shows the exposure a studio has received in terms of doing a variety of videos and services.

Past clients of Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio have asked for an array of our services, and we have catered to each of their specific needs. We have worked with clients including Pinnacle Potash International Ltd., Rotating Sleeve Engine Technologies Inc., Whitney Casey Video Production Studio, and X Tech.

Look at the price:

Price can also be a determining factor in choosing a studio. A proficient studio will always make the best use of all its resources, thus coming up with a video at a reasonable price.

Because Austin Visuals wants its clients to have the best service at the lowest possible price, we try to use all our available resources to combine costs in order to make the final product more inexpensive than our competitors. If you are interested in utilizing any of our services, feel free to request a quote.

Judging by the criteria above, Austin Visuals 3D Animation studio may be a perfect fit for your needs when it comes to producing a quality animation to get your visual communication message across. We deliver the best services to our clients, with the highest quality in order to fit your needs.


good 3D Animation Studio



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