Internship Position Opening – Production Assistant

We have a few roles we need to fill, sales, marketing, PR, a little on 3d modeling, motion graphics, info graphics.

Do you get excited about learning how to contribute to projects larger than yourself? Are you very organized? Can you juggle lots of tasks at once each that have multiple timelines and due dates?

If the answer is to all of these questions is yes, then you may be a good fit for this role.

At Austin Visuals, we create Commercials, High-End Explainer Videos, and New Product Launch Investor Pitch Video Animation. When you apply you will be joining a top-notch team of industry experts, We produce a high end product and expect our Artists to produce products that can be shown on TV where people will be ‘wow’d’ to see your work. That’s the level we perform at, your reel and skills should be on that level.

An ideal fit would be someone who is motivated by being around a production environment and interested in learning multiple aspects of the business. We are a smaller company, so everyone wears many hats.Some days we all get to work on what we want to and within our strengths zone, other days, there’s just a variety of things that need to get done in order to keep everything running smoothly for everyone involved, and we just need a reliable person to get those things done.
The value comes within learning these aspects of the business, and learning how your specialty fits in and interdepends on other people and departments.
Job Description:
Duties ( all duties below would be as you have time, we would schedule weekly your availability so you know when to show up, either in person or online
– You would report to the CEO, and be a remote and in personal assistant. These tasks can range from sorting and organizing, to scanning docs. calling people, organizing emails.
– Occasional Outbound Contacts – We may have you go through and either create lists of new clients are going to contact or have you Facebook paste a template to a new client’s Facebook business page.
– PR / Marketing Efforts. In 2016, we want to start creating webinars. We are planning on getting a new camera for this effort. There may be motion graphics we need for intros/outros lower 1/3rd graphics
We may need mock ups for info graphics made. Mock ups for typography style motion graphics.
– We may have room to Jazz up our existing training Videos with graphics that have more illustration to them.
– We will be running the Austin Animation Club, which meets once a month, we could probably use some help with that effort too. That club allows you a chance to network with other high level people in the community, and also gives you a chance to shape it into event types that are even more useful for you.

Location : Work from Home or Come into our office. Both options are available.

Time Commitment : Part-Time Available

How to Apply? : Fill out the form below, and send us a link to your Linkedin, or link to online resume. Also include your prior  experience, and list some of your greatest accomplishments so far. We look forward to hearing from you. – We receive all applications. We will contact candidates that fit our qualifications. No need to follow up with us, unless you hear from us. ** Please indicate the position you’re applying for in your form application below.

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