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From the Cool Technology Department: Tracking Point Firearms. This Austin based applied technology company, started in February 2011, gives us what they call “the world’s first Precision Guided Firearms.” Company founder John McHale melds computers and firearms. His company integrates tracking technology, precision hardware and digital optics to give an unparalleled shooting experience. Granted, we haven’t been behind the trigger of these (or in front, thankfully), but the video looks great:

Now, that’s our kind of shooting. Precision Guided Firearms incorporate cutting edge departures from traditional shooting. They manage to both amplify human ability and also eliminate common shooting errors. These revolutions make anyone capable of taking accurate shots up to 1200 yards away. That’s over a kilometer away, and well over half a mile.


Tracking Point Firearms provides a range of three heavily customized hunting rifles, starting with a 22″ barrel .300 Winchester Magnum up to a 27″ .338 Lapua Magnum. They are all fitted with computerized scopes that can easily be mistaken for a SkyNet weapon. This technology, called the XactSystem(tm), provides advanced fire control, a heads-up display, and target tracking. The system amplifies human ability and also eliminates common shooting errors, such as shot-setup miscalculation, mis-aiming, and trigger jerk.

The XactSystem PGF, the actual firearm, includes the custom bolt-action rifle and precision conventional ammunition. On the rifle itself are the networked tracking scope, tag button, guided trigger and barrel reference system.


The networked tracking scope is the heart of the system. It tracks the target, ranges it, calculates the ballistic solution, and ensures the optimal firing solution/tag alignment before releasing the shot. It provides the shooter with a Heads Up Display (HUD) of vital information for each shot, and magnification of 6-35X, depending on the model. It is also a WiFi server, allowing the shooter to connect a smart device to the scope, use the ShotView app to stream video from the HUD, and download recorded still images and shot sequences from to a smart device using the TrackingPoint app. This allows for recording of hunts and tracking of errors.

The guided trigger is also part of the hardware provided. In its advanced mode, the Guided Trigger allows for target selection and arming by working with the Tag button. In traditional mode, it functions the same as a guided trigger on a traditional firearm, and the Tag button allows the shooter to easily range the target.  Finally, the barrel reference system is used by the networked tracking scope to form a fixed reference point, make adjustments and maintain zero over time. Tag Track Xact (TTX) is the firearm’s sequence to ensure impact with the desired target. TTX dramatically reduces shooter error and increases the likelihood of first-shot hits, especially when used at range.


Using TTX, the shooter paints the target and locks on. Once locked on and the desired impact point placed, the ballistic computer in the firearm’s Networked Tracking Scope instantly accounts for all range and environmental factors. It adjusts the reticle position to hit the tagged target. When the shooter brings the reticle into exact alignment with the tag, the system launches the round at the precise moment needed to ensure impact with the target. Lastly, there are two apps available for both Android and iOS that will enhance the shooting experience: TrackingPoint locks out advanced features when storing the firearm, configures the PGF, enables software updates and transfers shot videos to your smart device.

The ShotView app streams real-time video from the heads-up display of a TrackingPoint PGF to a smart device.

All in all, this is a pretty incredible system. It’s available at a pretty incredible price, as well, but it’s pretty well chump change when considering parting out your own rifle and precision optics. And the PGF includes an iPad preconfigured with TrackingPoint, so that’s always a plus.

Please go to the company’s website for more information:


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