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Motion Graphics and Video Production, an Austin TX Based 3D Animation Studio

By August 25, 2012May 14th, 2020Blog
Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio - Animation Studio


Here at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, whenever we ask our Motion Graphics Department what in the heck they do all day, they say: “We rotate the spinny things!”


Actually, Motion Graphics is the modern process for 2 and 3-Dimensional Animation that makes YOUR PROJECT look INCREDIBLE! It combines animation, special effects, images, video, text, logos, and other top secret elements to help PROJECTS really pop visually! Classic studies have shown audience will remember under 50% of what they only hear, under 50% of what they only see, but over 50% of what they both hear and see. (Fergus, 1975; Paivio, 1975; Westhoff, 2004) Motion graphics is a way to entertain your audience, communicate your message through one steady stream of focused information, and it’s a way for one message or video to reach millions when shared across social media platforms such as and .


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