Why You Need Animated Video: A Scientific Look


It looks like the case for animation is growing faster and stronger than ever. If your organization isn’t using animation, then you ought to strongly consider using it soon. We here at Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio have looked at the statistics to prove that very claim, and we’ve condensed some of them for you.


Google, the number one search engine in the world, ranks pages by quality. (Guess what the number two search engine is? That’s right — YouTube! [source]) The “quality” of a webpage is determined by time spent on the page, or how long before the user presses the Back button, presumably because that page didn’t meet their needs. Then they’re no longer on that page, and they’re off to look for something else. There’s a trick to getting users to stay on your site longer, though, and that’s to include some videos on it. Users will spend 100% more time on websites that include video on them (source).


Your google ranking for your website jumps way up the more videos you have and individuals pages rank better with videos in them. You can also allow videos to be embedded into your blogs to increase traffic to your website since customers will often find a video on YouTube and then click through to check out the company that posted the video. Also, a study performed by comScore (source) indicates that people remain on a webpage an average of an additional two minutes when some video is included on that page, as opposed to when it’s text only, or text and pictures. “Retail site visitors who view video today stay two minutes longer on average, and are 64% more likely to make purchases than other site visitors.” — comScore


64% more likely to buy things from you? 64% more likely to engage with your company or to use your services? Knowing that one simple fact, who wouldn’t want to tap into the power of video and animation?


It’s easy to understand why this happens. The human mind, not to mention the eye, are both drawn to moving images. We enjoy the luxury of “being fed” the information we want, instead of having to put in the effort to read it. Therefore, adding video to your website will significantly increase the time your visitors spend on it. Not only that, but in the long run, it will make your site’s rank higher with the search engines (source).

Given the option, most of us skip the ads on our DVRs or TiVos at home — to save time, to get on with the story, for whatever reason. Interestingly enough, though, people seem to enjoy watching advertising online. While thirteen percent of video ads seen online have runtimes of less than fifteen seconds, and 36 percent of the same ads run longer than 30 seconds, 79% of those ads are watched at least to their midpoints, and 72% of them are watched to the end. (source)


Another area in which online marketing and video is extremely effective is that of exposure. As reported in this comScore report (source), impressions of video ads topped 20 billion in June 2013. In that month alone, video ads reached the eyes of over 53% of the U.S. population 121 times, on average.

To be sure, people are watching more and more online video. Yet this is not the only reason you should start creating more video content. According to Nielsen and the IAB (source) moving from TV advertising to digital, online video can boost the reach of your campaign while lowering the cost at the same time. Not only that, but it makes the campaign much more effective by generating an increase in overall likability by 40%, message recall by 45%, brand recall by 33%, and general recall by 15%.


As stated in a study performed by BrightRoll (source), which surveyed 150 top advertising executives, 68% believe online video is at least equally or more effective than social media. 75% think that it’s more effective than TV, and 91% believe that online video is more effective than display advertising.

These reports are only in response to the behavior of viewers. This year, it is expected that the time spent watching digital media (5.25 hours a week, on average) will exceed TV viewing time (4.5 hours a week) (source). Therefore, it makes sense that marketers should meet consumers on their platform of choice, in order to maximize their brand awareness and exposure. Clearly, online video and animation is the place you want to be in the coming years.

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