New Kinect for Xbox One – Details Revealed – Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Reports

Though the gaming circuit is buzzing with news about the latest line of consoles soon to be hitting the market, the newest version of the Kinect has proven itself to be a major upgrade. WIRED brings you a demonstration of the Xbox accessory in their exclusive video:

The original Kinect was already an innovation in gaming technology with its 3D vision camera, which made it capable of tracking a user’s body movements. This full-body tracking is integrated into many Xbox features and games, allowing for hands-free menu navigation and more immersive gaming such as that featured in the highly-acclaimed Dance Central series. This latest version claims to have improved tracking capabilities that have overcome the limitations of its predecessor.

Active IR allows the Kinect to track the user regardless of the lighting situation in a room. Even if the room is brightly lit or not lit at all, the Kinect will be capable of sensing the user through an infrared camera. 

Skeletal tracking is the system used to analyze a person’s movements. With the swipe of a hand, one can navigate menus or access game options without the use of a controller. The Kinect even has a high enough fidelity to track how a person’s body is oriented (which way they’re facing, what direction a person is looking, etc.).


There are also potential fitness benefits in using the Kinect system. The Kinect is capable of analyzing muscle activity and measuring the force behind body movements. For example: as modeled in the video, a soft punch will register differently than a punch with more force put into it. The Kinect can also estimate your heart rate through an analysis of your movements.

The Kinect even has facial recognition integrated into its system. With the Expressions Platform, the Kinect can analyze the user’s face and detect their facial expression or whether they are looking directly at the system or not.

All of these features are combined with the ability to track multiple people at once (claims state up to six) as opposed to being limited to a two-player interface. Combined with the newly-announced Xbox One, the Kinect has demonstrated some new potential in gaming and game design.


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