New Updates and Video Unveiled for Google’s New Project : Google Glass

Google co-founder Sergey Brin presented Google Glass through showing skydivers live streaming their flight. This display made it clear to the public that Google Glass Technology was the next major¬†advancement in Google’s Technology, brand, and possibly one that’s here to stay.

Why is this big news?

Google Glass may succeed Facebook’s Platform and the iOS App Store as the next great developer project focus. Although Google was late to the app store game, Google Glasses, gives Google a new chance to create the developement platform of the future. Google has unveiled new images and a video from the real view of their glasses. These images show people doing everyday things like catching a football or holding a baby.

Google Glass will most likely be available to consumers in 2014. A small group of developers will have the chance to buy the “Explorer” edition of Glass in Early-Mid 2013.

Google has not yet revealed real images or photos of how the glasses are to seamlessly integrate information from virtual sources with that of what a person sees in the real world. In its unveiling of “Project Glass” a concept video shows an imagined wearer getting calendar reminders and directions from their map within their field of view.

Many members of the public remain enthusiastic about having a pair of glasses. These Glasses even have a small camera attached so that you can record any moment that happens
as they happen to you from your point of view. A noted one of the top comments on the YouTube video of the trampoline jumping simply stated “Shut up and take my money!”

In the future, many big businesses may start to be built on top of Glass, and that’s great news for Google’ future.