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Creative software giant Adobe recently announced it was discontinuing traditional boxed product in favor of Creative Cloud, its digital download and subscription-based equivalent. Think of Creative Cloud as Steam or Origin for creative software.

Adobe maintains that many customers have already made the transition to Creative Cloud and are not looking back, but a survey of comments across the web have been rather negative.

It’s a radical and divisive move — even a controversial one. Adobe maintains that this is similar to the upheaval that happened in 2003 with their introduction of Creative Suite, a bundle of tightly integrated programs with common interfaces and functionality. That move also had strong detractors, but the value soon became apparent. Adobe is hoping that the same happens here, although negative comments persist and threaten to overshadow any cool features that Adobe might have planned for their new offering.


Some of the people most against the idea of Creative Cloud have simply given up and signed up for it. Some of those have been pleasantly surprised with the return. And there’s a chance that those against the change are not looking at what the actual offering is on its own merits.

The overall feeling at Adobe is one of genuine enthusiasm about what they’re doing or speaking on, as you can see from the keynote and Sneaks from Abobe MAX in Los Angeles. The Creative Cloud decision is no different.


It may be telling that Adobe feels so strongly about their Creative Cloud that they have all but stopped development on Creative Suite. The feedback they’ve gotten has been so positive and they are so sure that Creative Cloud will be successful that they are appear to be willing to bet solely on its success.

Adobe says they knew that Creative cloud would be successful, but they had no idea how successful it would be. One of the reasons that they’re claiming such success is the sheer vocal-ness of people who have moved to Creative Cloud — they really really love it. They’re quite vocal about how much they love it. They love it so much as to give it a higher Yelp rating than the mighty Photoshop itself.

Currently an Adobe Creative Cloud Standard Plan is available for $49.99/month.

More pricing information can be found at


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